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08 - 11 mai 2017

Crop diversification in a changing world. © Inra

Crop diversification in a changing world

The impacts of global change on crop production and food security are already hitting hard in Europe and the rest of the world.

Publié le 30/03/2017

An essential component of efforts to mitigate these impacts is the production of new varieties of crops which can thrive in more extreme, changeable and uncertain environmental conditions. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has emphasized the need for greater use of both within and between species diversity in farming systems in order to provide sufficient options for the adaptation of crops as an insurance against climate variability. We are therefore dependent on the continual availability of a wide pool of plant genetic resources to sustain our food and economic security, yet despite the vast pool of resources that exists, we face significant hurdles in mobilizing them for effective and sustainable use.

This conference will tackle this worldwide issue by addressing the functionality of the PGR use system which starts with wild and cultivated plant genetic resources, involves conservation, crop improvement and seed delivery systems, ultimately results in the harvesting and marketing of crop produce, and involves the full suite of PGR stakeholders. The system is severely impeded, particularly due to problems with access to plant genetic material and associated information, missing policies and ineffective implementation of existing ones, and capacity building needs in all areas of the PGR use spectrum. In our interdependent world, this is a global issue impacting the plant breeding and agricultural industries, large and small-scale farmers, and ultimately on food and economic security in Europe and beyond.