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Biomarkers for Crohn’s disease

Biomarkers for the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of Crohn’s disease

diagnosis of Crohn’s disease
Updated on 01/08/2019
Published on 10/25/2018


In 2014, a panel of peptide signals, mostly of bacterial origin and associated with CD, were discovered in a small group of patients experiencing a remission or moderate relapse (Juste et al., 2014).  Detailed quantification of the microbiota of CD patients (purified from fresh stools) was able to demonstrate the absence or presence in very small quantities of these biomarkers in their digestive system.

  • High specificity of the biomarker
  • Non-invasive diagnosis from faecal water samples.


  • Early diagnosis of CD, monitoring of its course and of treatment efficacy.

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Patent PCT / FR 2015053612

The patent covers nucleotide sequences and coding peptides from intestinal bacteria which are absent in CD patients, as well as the proteomic detection method.

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