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Use of probiotics in the prevention and treatment of cancer, and in particular for colorectal cancer

The strain of Lactobacillus brevis was isolated from pulque (alcoholic drink of Mexican origin).

Use of probiotics in the prevention and treatment of cancer
Updated on 09/25/2019
Published on 08/28/2019


This strain (LBH1073) is able to stop cell proliferation on intestinal epithelial human cells (HT-29, HTC116 and Caco-2) and on other epithelial cells (like TC-1 from pulmonary epithelial cells of mouse) at a comparable level of 5-fluoro-uracile (5-FU: anti-cancer drug used as a positive control in the experiments).


QPS strain - Team expertise in micobiota and interaction between microorganisms and host


The idea is not to replace present treatments but to complement these treatments with probiotics. This association can improve treatment efficiency, decrease the side effects or solve the problem of antibiotic-resistant cells. It has been illustrated in three articles published in Science (Sivan et al., 2015; Vetizou et al., 2015; Gopalakrishnan et al., 2018; Routy et al., 2018).

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Technology transfer officer, Inra Transfert:
Clément Shekoory, Héloïse Simonson

Type of expected transfer

Licence option with R&D programme or licence
TRL Sclae: 3

Development level

The next step of this project is to validate the anti-tumoral effects of this strain Lactobacillus brevis LBH1073 in vivo and then to carry out a clinical pilot study.