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Formulation and process to produce a biobased and biodegradable PLA

Researchers from the INRA-AgroParisTech Joint Research Unit for Food Process Engineering (GENIAL), in collaboration with the CNAM, lTERG and Brodart have developed a formulation to obtain PLA packaging with improved mechanical properties. The additives used come from the refinery of vegetable oils and they make it possible to maintain the biobased and biodegradable characteristic of PLA.

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Updated on 12/21/2016
Published on 12/08/2016

Invention description

Biobased polymers are the subject of active industrial research in sustainable development in order to substitute plastic materials produced from fossil resources. These new materials have to satisfy the same criteria related to industrial production and must have the expected properties of conventional polymers. For that purpose and to gain in mechanical performance, bio-based and biodegradable PLA are formulated with additives that are generally of petrochemical origin.
Scientists from the INRA-AgroParisTech Joint Research Unit for Food Process Engineering have developed in collaboration with the CNAM, ITERG and Brodart the formulation and processing of polymers based on by-products of the vegetable oil refinery, which are currently  undervalued.
The interest of the invention relies on the bio-based and biodegradable nature of the assessed additives which confer the formulated polymer with an increase in biobased carbon composition. PLA which is the most mature biopolymer for food packaging markets, has been mainly targeted by this invention.

Industrial application

Production of food packaging.


  • PLA ductility significantly increased
  • 100% biobased formulation
  • Biodegradable formulation (EN 13432)
  • Allowing the melt blown film extrusion of PLA films
  • Maintaining glass transition temperature of PLA above room temperature
  • Maintaining the good stiffness of PLA
  • This process can be implemented on a large scale to existing industrial plant

Intellectual Property

The patent PCT / FR2015 / 050533 protects the process of producing plastic materials, thermoplastics and derivatives with improved mechanical properties by using mixtures of free fatty acids such as deodorization vegetable oil condensates.

Technology Transfer Officer:
Laure Akomia ( +33 (0)1 42 75 94 43)

Find out more

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