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Increasing the yield of biomass degradation with thermochemical pre-treatment using a dry process

Enhanced thermochemical pre-treatment of lignocellulosic biomass using a dry process

Pretreatment of dry ligno-cellulosic biomass. © INRA
Updated on 01/31/2018
Published on 04/07/2017

This dry process for biomass pre-treatment increases both its energy (methane) and material balance (bioethanol, sugars, etc.).
Chemical treatments (with alkaline or hydrogen peroxide) and/or thermal treatment (roasting) under a dry process induce an increase in both the accessibility of organic material and in the yield of lignocellulosic biomass degradation.
Increase in methanogenic potential: +16% for wheat straw,
Reduction in grinding energy required: -60% for wheat straw,
Facilitated access to cellulose and hemicelluloses.

In charge of valorisation INRA Transfert:
Hélène Genty


  • green chemistry; biofuels; cellulose derivatives: biopolymers, adhesives, construction materials
  • Patent: WO2016120801 (2015/01/27)