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A process of drying probiotic bacteria

A spray drying process has been developed to obtain a strain of bacteria (probiotic leavens).

procédé de séchage de bactéries probiotiques
Updated on 04/25/2018
Published on 02/20/2018

The process is applied directly to a culture medium. It thus makes it possible to obtain a powder comprising at least one probiotic bacterium by using a "two-in-one" nutrient medium.


  • Simplified and cheap process whose efficiency is similar to lyophilization.
  • This process limits contamination risk and cellular loss risk (2 steps instead of 4).
  • This process highly reduces energy cost which is liked to water removal step and allows a simplier solution.
  • This process can be used on industrial installations on a large scale.


  • Probiotics production intended for animal and human food

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Chargée de valorisation:
Laure Akomia (01 42 75 94 43)


  • patent n° EP 15306465.4. 4 protects the process for preparing a probiotic powder comprising at least one probiotic bacterium.

Type of transfer

License or licensing option with R&D programme (TRL 4)