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INRA and the hosting of PhD students in the context of a CIFRE (industrial contract for training through research)

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Updated on 03/28/2019
Published on 01/04/2019

Since 1981, The French Ministry of Research has been funding industrial contracts for training through research - CIFRE- with the dual objective of placing PhD students in the professional environment of a scientist and fostering research collaborations between academia and industry.  
The company (or another socioeconomic structure) employs the PhD student who participates in a collaborative project with the partner academic research unit.  
150 CIFRE PhD students at INRA

INRA hosts an average of 150 CIFRE PhD students per year, who are employed by a variety of structures: more than 60% are SME, 20% are major groups and 5% are technical centres or interprofessional organisations. Most of these CIFRE PhD students focus their work on agriculture and food.
For more information on CIFRE, go to the ANRT website  (in French)