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EMBA: a network to structure research on biological control

A new network, named EMBA (Ecological Management of Bioagressors in Agroecosystems), was launched recently.  This network, affiliated to INRA's Plant Health and Environment Division (SPE), aims to structure research focused on the biocontrol of pests that affect cultivated plants.

Piqure d'Aphidius matricariae sur puceron.. © INRA, GAMBIER Jacques
Updated on 03/24/2017
Published on 10/24/2014

EMBA: a network set up in 2014 that involves 60 research scientists

The purpose of this network is to develop innovative crop protection solutions in the context of the Ecophyto plan which aims to reduce the use of chemical inputs.

EMBA: a network open to multidisciplinary efforts

Creation of the EMBA network aims to federate researchers from different disciplinary fields who are all working in the area of biocontrol, whether this concerns the development of biological control agents such as macro-organisms (e.g. insects, nematodes), micro-organisms (e.g. bacteria, virus, fungi), semiochemicals (e.g. pheromones) or natural substances that favour biocontrol.  The aim is to coordinate research efforts in order to propose new and effective control strategies and encourage the development of these biocontrol products.  

EMBA: a network open to the sharing of expertise and new industrial partnerships

As a forum for dialogue and exchanges, the network aims to increase interactions between scientists so as to facilitate thinking on the major challenges related to this theme, the scientific obstacles that need to be overcome and the new strategic concepts and methods that must be developed relative to plant protection.  The network will base its research strategy on public or private research partnerships.  One of its missions will therefore be to compile an inventory of potential public and private partners who are working on this theme.

Scientific contact(s):

  • Anne-Nathalie VOLKOFF (33 467 144 118) Joint Research Unit for Microbe/Insect Diversity, Genomes and Interactions (UMR 1333, DGIMI)
Associated Division(s):
Plant Health and Environment
Associated Centre(s):

For further information

This network supports the strategy of INRA's Plant Health and Environment Division in terms of research and development on biocontrol technologies, and supplements the INDRES network (INDuction of RESistance in plants) which was initiated by the same Division in June 2012.


Xavier DAIRE, xavier.daire@dijon.inra.fr , Tel. +33 (0)4 67 14 41 18

Michel PONCHET, michel.ponchet@sophia.inra.fr , Tel. +33 (0)4 92 38 65 27