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Automated high-throughput pipetting system used by the MICALIS quantitative metagenomics (MetaQuant) experimental facility. © INRA, NICOLAS Bertrand

INRA at the 2014 international show for innovation and competitiveness

Updated on 01/20/2015
Published on 09/15/2014

INRA has demonstrated its commitment to innovation through the three Carnot institutes it pilots - 3BCAR for renewable carbon, Qualiment for food, ICSA for animal health - two biotechnology catalysts (Toulouse White Biotechnologies and MetaGenoPolis for human health), and the Institute’s subsidiary for fostering innovation, INRA Transfert. The Institute is also participating in a conference on synthetic biology.

Innovation is key in rising to the challenge of a French agricultural system that provides concrete answers to many questions in a context of climate change. Through these various channels, INRA is strengthening its partnerships and commitment to innovation with corporate players.

ICS: INRA at the international show for innovation and competitiveness

The INRA stand presents:

  • Three Carnot institutes headed by INRA: 3BCAR (renewable carbon), Qualiment  (food) and ICSA (animal health);
  • Two biotechnology catalysts: Toulouse White Biotechnologies and MetaGenoPolis (human health);
  • INRA Transfert, the Institute’s subsidiary for boosting innovation.

Lastly, INRA took part in a conference on synthetic biology.
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