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Automated high-throughput pipetting system used by the MICALIS quantitative metagenomics (MetaQuant) experimental facility. © INRA, NICOLAS Bertrand

INRA at the 2014 international show for innovation and competitiveness

Robot for high-throughput engineering. © TWB, Baptiste Hamousin

Toulouse White Biotechnology, an industrial biotechnology catalyst for green chemistry

Toulouse White Biotechnology is an industrial biotechnology catalyst designed to find new ways of ensuring sustainable production by fostering the development of a bio-economy based on renewable carbon.

Updated on 01/23/2015
Published on 09/15/2014

A three-fold mission

  • Promote white industrial biotechnologies and stimulate the emergence of a bio-economy
  • Foster scientific innovation 
  • Strengthen ties between basic and applied research and industry.

An innovative initiative

  • A research lab with international renown: TWB is based on synergies with INSA’s Laboratoire d’Ingénierie des Systèmes Biologiques et des Procédés (LISBP) in Toulouse (UMR INRA 782; UMR CNRS 5504). The goal is to foster the development of novel, multi-scale technologies (from gene to product to process).
  • High-tech integrated technical platforms: for an approach that is both creative and ethical, and in line with sustainable development goals.
  • A unique private-public consortium: TWB offers a unique way of working based on the active integration of public and private partners who share the same socio-economic goals and work hand in hand to steer and accelerate TWB projects.

Toulouse White Biotechnology offers proven expertise (biocatalysts, synthetic biology, process engineering) for a variety of applications (biomaterials, chemical intermediaries, biofuels) and solutions adapted to businesses (R&D projects, wide range of services).

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find out more

- The Thanaplast project, for recovering plastic waste.

- TWB is pleased to announce the opening of its consortium to new partners who play an active role in the biotechnology industries, as of 1 January 2015.
Read the article (in French).

At a glance


• 1 institution of higher education
• 3 local government entities
• 2 competitiveness clusters
• 3 research commercialization firms
• 4 investors
• 10 SME
• 10 major corporate players
• 5 technical platforms + 1 environmental evaluation platform + 1 ethics platform

More than 30 people (mostly post-docs) are involved in the various research projects.