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The 3BCAR© Carnot Institute: a partner in innovation on non-food uses for biomass

The  3BCAR© Carnot Institute: a multidisciplinary partner to support company innovation and emergence of the bioeconomy, focused on non-food uses for biomass by mobilising two levers – the biotechnologies and green chemistry.

Analyse logicielle de données de Vélocimétrie par Image de Particules (PIV). Mesure des champs de vitesse d'écoulement dans un bioréacteur à membrane par Vélocimétrie par Image de Particules (PIV). Hall de Recherche Génie des Procédés Environnementaux au LISBP. © INRA, MAITRE Christophe
Updated on 12/07/2016
Published on 09/28/2016

Accredited in 2011, 3BCAR©  has demonstrated the pertinence of a Carnot Institute focused on the green chemistry of renewable carbon through the marked growth in its partnerships during the past five years, achieving 411 research contracts with 244 industrial actors. Focused on the exploitation of agricultural and forestry biomass and green wastes, 3BCAR©  targets three main markets: bioenergies, biobased molecules and materials. By adopting transversal and multidisciplinary approaches, 3BCAR© can help to implement more sustainable technologies and processes to deal with current challenges (exhaustion and replacement of fossil resources, climate change, etc.), and thus constitutes an important partner in the emergence of the bioeconomy, which has been identified in Europe as a model for the future.

A broad range of skills available  

3BCAR© has enriched its network through the inclusion of seven new partners, thus confirming and reinforcing the skills it can offer to companies:

  • consolidation of support regarding the degradation and exploitation of lignocelluloses,
  • broadening of support in lipid and polymer chemistry, with respect to both production by microalgae and processing;
  • new skills in process engineering that increase those already offered by  3BCAR©.

The expert support available thus ranges from biomass to functional properties, thanks to two essential levers – the biotechnologies (plant and industrial) and green chemistry:

  • production of plant biomass with optimised properties;
  • fractionation of biomass and biorefining;
  • functionalisation to obtain building blocks;
  • formulation and development of bioproducts;
  • ecodesign of processes and the sustainability of integrated sectors.

A higher technology readiness level

As well as these new skills, 3BCAR© has also gained in technology readiness by integrating new platforms and technological resources, enabling the development of projects with a higher TRL* in response to the needs of companies, thanks to institution of the French Technical Institute for Fats and OIls (ITERG), and a new Centre Technology Resource Centre on Process Engineering and Environmental Technologies (GPTE). 3BCAR© aims to facilitate access to technological resources by developing networks of platforms. This action has notably been implemented with respect to skills in fermentation through the I-FERM initiative (http://www.i-ferm.com/) which groups all 3BCAR© resources in this area. 

Partnerships for all non-food sectors

3BCAR© positions itself in the non-food sector of the bioeconomy, while remaining closely linked with activities in the food sector so as to benefit from its by-products.  3BCAR© can thus provide support for numerous sectors, both upstream and downstream:

  • the biomass production sector, targeting plant biotechnologies, territorial development and agro-industry in particular;
  • actors in fractionation technologies and biomass processing, including biorefining, industrial biotechnologies, or the production of ferments and enzymes, etc.;
  • markets for biosourced products: biofuels and bioenergies, biosourced materials, green chemistry (lubricants, surface-active agents, solvents, etc.) and fine chemicals (cosmetics and compounds with biological activities);
  • the environment sector, notably with respect to bioremediation and the recycling of wastes.

3BCAR© and its contacts with companies

In order to enhance its links with industry, 3BCAR© organises annual forums to present the results of its development projects funded in-house and to provide companies with an opportunity to meet with scientists during B-to-B sessions. 3BCAR© also participates in numerous events and congresses so as to meet with companies and discuss their R&D needs.
Company satisfaction in the context of an industrial partnership is a crucial issue which received ISO 9001 certification in 2015.
*TRL Technology readiness level: a scale to evaluate the degree of maturity attained by a technology.

Website: http://www.3bcar.fr

Contact(s) partner(s):
alexandre.brosse@inra.fr (http://www.3bcar.fr/fr/)
Alexandre Brosse, business manager Institut Carnot 3BCAR© (http://www.3bcar.fr/fr/)

A word from a partner

“Our membership of 3BCAR© provides an unique opportunity to enhance the visibility of our scientific and technological skills and reinforce them with the support of specialists in the chemistry and physical chemistry of agro-resources. In-house, 3BCAr© has contributed to accelerating the organisation of a strategic area focused on the engineering of biorefining.”

Pierre Aimar, Director of LGC (Chemical Engineering Laboratory) in Toulouse

A word from the Director

“During the first half of 2016, 3BCAR©  worked very hard on its audit, which resulted in renewal of its accreditation. We now have an excellent opportunity to refocus on our priorities: demands from industry and projects that need to be developed. 3BCAR©  can more than ever be your partner of choice to create value in the field of green chemistry from renewable carbon.”

Paul Colonna, Director, Institute Carnot 3BCAR©