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France Futur Élevage: a Carnot Institute for multi-performance livestock farming

The new Carnot Institute, France Futur Élevage (i.e. France Livestock Industry for the Future), can offer companies in the livestock sector its skills in R&D that mobilise three essential levers for efficient, sustainable and profitable livestock farming: health, feed and livestock systems, and animal genetics. It includes three technical institutes and thus proposes a broadened range of skills.

Bovins en animalerie confinée A3 / BSL3. © INRA, Pierre Sarradin, UE PFIE
Updated on 11/21/2016
Published on 09/29/2016

Between 2011 and 2015, the Animal Health Carnot Institute (ICSA) focused on health performance in livestock farming. It involved more than 180 partner companies, including a third with notable or major international activities, and achieved an average of 125 contracts each year, with income of €17 million from contractual research during this period.

Today, based on this experience and in continuity of ICSA, the new Carnot Institute, France Futur Élevage, can offer a broader panel of research opportunities to meet the innovation needs of the livestock sector.

France Futur Élevage allies the skills of six research institutions and higher education establishments*, which can generate knowledge and opportunities for innovation by companies, with those of three agricultural technical institutes dedicated to farmed livestock: IDELE (the French Livestock Institute), IFIP (the French Pork and Pig Institute) and ITAVI (the French Poultry Institute), which can achieve the necessary operational transfer into products, resources and tools tested under real-life production conditions.

The livestock sector, which is experiencing a  period of intense destabilisation, needs innovative solutions to support multi-performance, sustainable and profitable production. France Futur Élevage can meet this demand through three levers for action: health, feed and livestock systems, and animal genetics, and develop this research at the scale of both the animal and the production sector.

Its services will provide companies with precise responses to specific needs in these three particular areas (health, feed and genetics). And the Carnot Institute can also design integrated and cross-disciplinary solutions to the most complex problems. 

To underpin the scientific excellence of its laboratories, France Futur Élevage funds research projects each year which focus on the challenge of the innovative, detailed, precise or expert management of livestock, while taking account of contextual changes (new scientific findings, innovative research methods, new socioeconomic or entrepreneurial challenges).

France Futur Élevage mainly concerns three industrial sectors:

  • the veterinary pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology companies, the priorities being to identify new vaccines and treatments, to design new protocols for the reasonable use of existing medications, and to develop new diagnostic methods;
  • the livestock feed and equipment industries, through strategies to optimise digestibility and growth, the preservation of welfare and limiting the environmental impacts of livestock farming;
  • breeders and inter-professional organisations through the emergence of genomic selection applied to yield and robustness goals and control of the environmental impact of livestock farming.

France Futur Élevage reflects the strategic evolution of the Animal Health Carnot Institute, which it is proud to succeed and draw on the skills thus acquired. FFE thus benefits from proven governance and a high degree of professionalisation of its services and partnership relations with companies.  
*INRA, AgroCampus Ouest, CIRAD, INP-Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse, Oniris, Université François Rabelais de Tours

web site: http://www.ic-sante-animale.com/fr/

The FINDMED Consortium

The France Futur Élevage Carnot Institute is participating in the FINDMED Consortium in order to contribute to improving the competitiveness of the drugs industry in France by facilitating access for companies to academic research and its technological resources.
FINDMED is led by six Carnot Institutes whose core skill is health (human or animal), and by five other Carnot Institutes which can contribute the additional technical skills necessary for R&D programmes in the health field (ICT, chemistry, pharmaceuticals). 

For more information, go to: http://findmed.fr/

A word from a partner

“Thanks to this accreditation, technical institutes working in livestock will be able to further enhance their visibility to private sector partners and benefit from ANR support to implement in-house research projects by their teams. For INRA, the Institute also recognises research and innovation partnerships with technical institutes, as reflected notably by Joint Technology Units and Networks”.

Laurent Journaux, Deputy Director of France Futur Élevage, Head of the Genetics and Phenotypes Department at the French Livestock Institute, Secretary-General of France Génétique Élevage.

a word from the Director

“In order to respond to demands from industry and professionals, we have further increased the R&D potential of the new Carnot Institute, France Futur Élevage (previously Animal Health). The expertise of three technical institutes – IDELE, IFIP and ITAVI – which have joined us in this project, means we can combine scientific excellence and operational skills to provide services for companies. We are there to serve innovation in health, genetics and livestock feeds so as to ensure competitive and sustainable production!”

Thierry Pineau, Director of France Futur Élevage