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Ecological engineering platform

Based on the Montpellier International Campus, the LSTM Transfert & Innovation platform can provide expertise in the fields of biofertilisers and biopesticides.  Its objective is to innovate in ecological engineering, biostimulants and sustainable soil management.

The LSTM Transfert & Innovation platform in Montpellier can offer expertise in the fields of biofertilisers and biopesticides.
Updated on 10/25/2018
Published on 08/29/2018

The LSTM platform: skills applicable throughout the value chain

The services available range from the isolation of active substances to the official approval of compounds, and they can be provided in three main ways:

  • The provision of services for the control of inoculum quality (purity, abundance), and the identification, quantification, isolation and characterisation of candidate micro-organisms;
  • Support during the official approval process for biofertilisers which can take the form of setting up experiments and analysing their results;
  • Training, both technical (new processes and formulation equipment) and commercial (training of sales teams in techniques related to micro-organisms and interactions between micro-organisms and plants).

Resources in line with the quality of its expertise

The platform benefits from specialised facilities in microbiology (isolation, purification and propagation of interesting microbial strains), molecular biology (molecular identification and traceability of interesting microbial strains, description of the composition of soil microbial communities), culture chambers and strain libraries, etc.  Seven team members with different skills focus on this work (five research scientists, one engineer and one technician). With ISO 9001 v 2015 certification for “processes relative to the isolation and characterisation of bacterial and fungal organisms”, the platform is also accredited by the AgriSudOuest Innovation Competitiveness Cluster, thus benefiting from an international reputation. Eligible for research tax credits (CIR), projects are carried out in compliance with the partnership charter that contains commitments with respect to intellectual property, the exploitation of knowledge, confidentiality and transparent management.

Opening of the platform for industry

The platform’s vocation is to respond to demands from industrial firms which today outsource their R&D in ecological engineering. It is open to actors specialised in the production of biofertilisers/biopesticides, to formulators, to those involved in the remediation of polluted sites and to seed producers. These demands may concern the identification and quantification of microbial populations, the incorporation of micro-organisms in mineral fertilisers or support during the process to obtain a marketing authorisation (MA), etc. Variable tariffs are applied for different services (e.g. control of inoculum quality, support for official approval, training courses, etc.) or on a “tailor-made” basis in the context of a collaborative R&D project. Furthermore, the platform also aims to host start-ups which result from LSTM projects, supporting them until they reach maturity.