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Vue d'ensemble de parcelles de différentes variétés de céréales : catalogue variétal des blés tendres d'hiver et des orges. La Minière (Yvelines).. © INRA, FOUCHARD Marc

Innovative Agricultural Systems: System Experiments

Research programmes

Map of system experiments in France.

Map of system experiments in France. © INRA
Map of system experiments in France © INRA

Sample of research and associated programmes

-  Innovative Cropping Systems Joint Technology Network, launched in 2007 and jointly run by the Burgundy Regional Chamber of Agriculture, ACTA, and INRA, looking at field crop systems.

-  Res0pest: Zero pesticide network, a long-term, multisite experiment network created in 2012 (INRA, ITAB, ACTA, ITB, Arvalis, Cetiom).

-  PURE: Pesticide Use-and-Risk reduction in European farming systems with Integrated Pest Management, a European Union project launched in 2011 and coordinated by INRA.

-  Global Research Alliance (GRA): an international initiative across 33 countries launched by New Zealand in 2009 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture.

Scientific Interest Group on Innovation for Agricultural Boosting: an oversight body

The Scientific Interest Group on Innovation for Agricultural Boosting was created in 2010 to leverage research, training, and agricultural development and to inform the necessary transformation of agricultural systems. It acts as a strategic forum for the group’s three main lines of focus:

-  Research: to identify obstacles and to overcome them. Research topics include performance ceilings in crop and livestock production and regional-scale plant–animal pairing. Coordinator: Christian Huyghe (INRA).

-  Training: to identify existing training programmes, to create new ones, and to better promote training opportunities. Coordinator: Thierry Doré (AgroParisTech).

-  Experimentation: to identify broad themes, to harmonise experiment protocols, and to league existing facilities such as Inra research units, technical institute and chamber of agriculture project sites, and farmer organisations. Coordinator: Philippe Vissac (ACTA). System experiments fall into this category.

Scientific Interest Group on Innovation for Agricultural Boosting Partners (2012)

Founding Members :

Ministry of Agriculture of France (Education and Research Department)



ACTA, French association for technical agricultural cooperation

APCA, Permanent Assembly of French Chambers of Agriculture

ONEMA, French National Agency for Water and Aquatic Environments

Associate Members :

Coop de France

Trame Net


Réseau Agriculture Durable-CIVAM

Membership in the scientific interest group is open to other partners and several membership requests are currently being examined.

Chair : Hervé

Guyomard, Inra scientific director for agriculture

Vice-chair : Jo Giroud, APCA secretary general.


Diagram Inra Magazine, No. 20, page 5