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Guyaflux: a TOWER for measuring the carbon flow. Experimental facility to measure the carbon stocks in the Guyanese forest and the CO2 balance between the forest and the atmosphere. © Ch. Maître

Cayenne 2009 - Knowledge-Based Management of Tropical Rainforest

Rainforests play a major role in the supply of goods and ecosystem services for countries and people. They require all the more care since they contain exceptional richness as regards biodiversity, since their functioning is complex and since they remain vulnerable to disturbances of all kinds, in particular those issued from climate change. Preservation and development of rainforests require an increased knowledge of their diversity and functioning in connection with their management. The International Conference held in Cayenne, November 22-27, aimed to discuss those several important issues affecting tropical rain forests in order to provide a global vision that is the necessary precursor to any rational action, and to provide much-needed context for scientific approaches that are more limited in scope.

By Communication Department
Updated on 06/03/2013
Published on 12/01/2009

Videos of oral communications :

Session 1. Valuing both resources and forests
As a result of numerous logistical problems, this first session unfortunately could not be filmed.
Please accept our apologies.

SESSION 2 Forests and climate changes 

SESSION 3 Biodiversity: unrecognized wealth

SESSION 4 Land use changes and deforestation

SESSION 5 Plantations roles and status

SESSION 6 Forests for local development