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Guyaflux: a TOWER for measuring the carbon flow. Experimental facility to measure the carbon stocks in the Guyanese forest and the CO2 balance between the forest and the atmosphere. © Ch. Maître

Environmental research infrastructure

GLACPE SOERE: monitoring large perialpine lakes

Since the 1970s, INRA has overseen the hydrobiology monitoring of France’s large perialpine lakes, usingregular observations to assess the “health” of these key ecosystems. In the 2000s, the concept of OREs, and later of SOEREs, provided a conceptual and operational framework to support the collection of data on long-term ecosystem dynamics and optimise the use thereof.

By Sébastien Broquere, translated by Daniel McKinnon
Updated on 06/13/2013
Published on 05/27/2013

A wealth of data on the health of perialpine lakes

GLACPE benefits from an exceptional wealth of data continuously collected using assessment criteria that have been stable for, in some cases, more than 40 years. Added to this is older, non-recurrent observation data sometimes dating from as far back as the end of the nineteenth century. This information affords an in-depth understanding of changes in large perialpine lakes in response to environmental changes. SOERE designation was granted to GLACPE in 2010.  GLACPE now contributes to France’s national strategy for permanent environmental observation.

Two major change phases identified

Mont Cenis Lake (Savoie, French Alps).. © INRA, SLAGMULDER Christian
Mont Cenis Lake (Savoie, French Alps). © INRA, SLAGMULDER Christian

Two major change phases in perialpine lakes can be identified using a lake’s trophic status: increasing eutrophication and then a return to an oligotrophic state, stemming from efforts taken to control phosphorus levels and driven by new stresses related to climate fluctuations and micropollutants.

Scientific contact(s):

  • Jean-François Soussana, Scientific Director - Environment