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One Health symposium on 28 February 2017 at the International Agricultural Show. © INRA

Symposium "People, animals and environment: One Health"

60% of human infectious diseases are of animal origin, the growing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics affects humans as well as animals, the dispersion of contaminants in the environment has impacts on human health... Public health issues constitute important fields of research for INRA. The Institute is holding its scientific symposium at the Paris International Agricultural Show on 28 February on the subject "People, Animals, Environment: One Health".

Updated on 02/13/2018
Published on 02/17/2017

On the day of the symposium, you can submit questions above by sending them, if you wish, to a specific participant. To do so, just select the name(s) among the name tags proposed, before clicking on the button to submit your question.

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Find out more about the full programme of INRA at the Paris International Agricultural Show

One health. © INRA, Véronique Gavala

One Health

Man and animal on the same road to good health

Humans and animals are united in the same battle against an increase in infectious agents and a growing risk of pandemics. INRA’s research into animal health often extends to the realm of human health, and is in line with the “One Health” initiative, as defined in 2008.

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