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Aubrac cow. © INRA, SLAGMULDER Christian

High throughput genomics: a rapidly changing field

INRA research programmes in animal genomics at a glance

INRA research programmes in animal genomics at a glance

Animal Genomics at INRA: main programmes. © INRA
Animal Genomics at INRA: main programmes © INRA


CRB-GADIE: The Biological Resources Centre dedicated to livestock genomics

LABOGENA, GENOTOUL: Sequencing and genotyping 

SIGENAE: Information System for Analysis of Breeding Animals' Genome


SEXYTROUT: Genetic and functional identification of the “mal” masculinising mutation in rainbow trout

OSCILE: Oocyte-somatic cell interactions, a study of comparative genomics in vertebrates

MEETAC: Development of bovine transcriptome data between females and their embryos for a better understanding of gametogene-genomics of gametogenesis in the cupped oysterCrassostrea gigas

BIOCART2: Molecular mechanisms of cartilage maturation and osteochondrosis susceptibility in horses

CHIEF: Research of genes implied in determinism of digestive capacity and manure production in chickens

EpiBird: Epigenetics Analysis in Bird

EpigRAni: Epigenetics of farm animals: contribution of epigenetics to polygenetically-regulated agronomic trait

GENIDOV: Gene network involved in ovarian development in goat and mouse

PORCINET: Systems biology of piglet maturity

RegulBASS: Regulatory polymorphisms and determinism of differential gene expression in the sea bass, Dicentrarchus abrax, a major finfish aquaculture species

Rules&Tools: Statistical methods for the dissection of trait variability with SNP chips

SNP-BB: SNP mapping of Quantitative Trait Loci for social BEHAVIOUR and production traits in BIRD

PLURABBIT: Transcriptome analysis and functional characterization of rabbit pluripotent stem cells for the production of novel animal models

Regulomix: Large-scale analysis of regulatory bovine single nucleotide polymorphisms: a step towards the functional annotation of the cattle genome

GEMBAL: Multi-breed Genomics of Beef and Dairy Cattle

UtOpIGe: Towards the Optimal use of Genomic Information in pyramid schemes

SUS_FLORA: Gut microbiota and homeostasis of immune system in swine: a joint genetic and genomic studyowards the Optimal use of Genomic Information in pyramid schemes

PhyloFish: RNASeq-based PHYLOgenomic analysis of gene duplications in teleost FISHes

CartoSeq: Large-scale identification of the causative genetic variants influencing traits of economic interest in French dairy