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MISCANTHUS  genetic experiment © Aline Waquet

Miscanthus, a very promising plant...

List of projects

Research on miscanthus is carried out within the framework of the competitive cluster Industries et AgroRessources Picardie Champagne-Ardenne and several research projects at French national or European level.

By Pascale Mollier - Maryse Brancourt-Hulmel - Hubert Boizard - Fabien Ferchaud, translated by Inge Laino
Updated on 04/23/2013
Published on 02/15/2013

- PEL project “Picardie Espèces Ligno-cellulosiques”. Picardie 2006 call to tender, ANR Picardie 2007-2008 financing, IAR cluster label. Introduction of plant species that make use of the entire plant for the production of bioenergy in Picardie: comparative analysis and genotype variability assessment. Partners: INRA, University of Amiens, Unisigma.

- PAROIFROID project. Picardie 2007-2010 call to tender and financing, IAR cluster label. Research pertaining to relevant traits to identify the genetic determinants of the effects of cold on cell walls. Partners: INRA, University of Amiens, BICAL Biomasse France.

- ARCHI C4 project. Picardie financing, 2008-2010. Analysis of factors that hinder the implementation of two crops dedicated to biomass production using the entire plant. Partners: INRA, Ensam.

- MISCAZOTE project. Picardie 2009-2011 call to tender and financing. Study of miscanthus crops and their nitrogen metabolism: building a model of responses to limiting nitrogen and identifying genotype variability. Partners: INRA, University of Amiens.

- MISC-INNOV project. INRA financing 2011-2015. Launch of an innovative varietal- and diversification-based programme about miscanthus. Broadening the varietal supply of miscanthus in France for industrial purposes.

- MISCOMVEG project. Picardie 2011-2013 financing. Creation of miscanthus-based plant material for research and associated molecular tools.

- FUTUROL project. Module to mobilise miscanthus as an important resource. Comparison of crops dedicated to the production of biomass (production and environmental impacts), identification of miscanthus species for the production of bioenergy (Oséo financing 2008-2012). Partners: SAS Procethol 2G, INRA, IFP, ARD, Lesaffre.

- BFF Project “Biomass for the Future”. IA biotechnologies and bio-resources, 2012-2019. Simultaneous development of varieties of miscanthus and sorghum for green chemistry. Public partners (INRA Versailles, Estrées-Mons and Narbonne, CIRAD, Armines) and many private partners (in particular Agri-obtentions for the selection of miscanthus).

- MISC PIC project. Picardie 2012-2015 financing. Comparative eco-physiology of two miscanthus species for varietal innovation and forecasting risks linked to the wide-scale implementation of these species into agricultural systems. Partners: INRA, University of Amiens, Fredon Picardie, Novabiom.

- EU FP7 LOGISTEC project “Logistics for Energy Crops’ Biomass” to optimise the entire biomass production chain (2012-2014).

- IIED PIVERT project for the optimisation of systems that incorporate food, oil-producing, and non-food crops (2012-2020).

- CasDar LIGNOGUIDE project supported by RMT Biomasse, a French network dedicated to assessing perennial biomass crops such as miscanthus or switchgrass (2010-2012).

Theses: Zub (2010), Strullu (2011), Lebas (2012), Feng (2013)