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Food Safety, Market Organization, Trade and Development
Editors: Hammoudi, A., Grazia, C., Surry, Y., Traversac, J.-B. 
International Publishing Switzerland 2015. 256 pages.
ISBN: 978-3-319-15226-4 (Print)  978-3-319-15227-1 (Online). © INRA, Springer

Food Safety, Market Organization, Trade and Development

The book "Food Safety, Market Organisation, and Trade Development" was edited by Jean-Baptiste Traversac, Abdelhakim Hammoudi, Cristina Grazia and Yves Surry.  

Updated on 08/26/2015
Published on 08/26/2015

This book provides an economic perspective on the effects of food safety standards on international trade. Focusing on food safety regulation at an international level and private food safety standards, the authors use contemporary methodologies to analyze supply chain structures and organization as well as food-chain actors’ strategies. They also evaluate the effects of these on both consumer health and developing countries’ access to international markets. The book provides ideas, suggestions and policy recommendations for reconciling economic interests with consumer health, which will be of special interest to academics as well as to practitioners.


Abdelhakim Hammoudi, Cristina Grazia, Yves Surry, Jean-Baptiste Traversac (Eds), 2015, Food Safety, Market Organization, Trade and Development, 2015, Springer, 254 pages.