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Four ERA-NET calls for projects

Four ERA-NET are launching calls for research project proposals which will close in March 2017 on different topics: food systems and organic farming, biotechnologies for a sustainable bioeconomy, food security and climate change and societal changes.

Greylag goose (Anser anser). © INRA, NORMANT Sophie
By Julien Tarrade
Updated on 01/30/2017
Published on 12/12/2016

CORE Organic call for research project proposals

The aim of ERA-NET CORE Organic is to improve the knowledge basis and innovation capacity necessary for supporting further development of organic food and farming as a way to respond to significant societal challenges in Europe's agriculture and food systems. The call for projects is open until 1st March 2017. This project consists of 25 partners from 19 countries who have committed 13 million euros of national funds to the project.

Click here for full details of the call for projects and click here to participate in a networking event organised by the French Ministry for Agriculture, Agrifood and Forestry on 24 January 2017 in Paris. 

Contact: stephane.bellon@inra.fr  


CoBioTech call for transnational collaborative research projects

The ERA-NET CoBioTech on biotechnologies for a sustainable bioeconomy is launching its first call for projects which will close on 2 March 2017. 

The projects financed will start between December 2017 and May 2018. The total available budget will be 36.3 million euros and the French National Research Agency will contribute 1.5 million euros.

Click here for more details. Find out more on www.cobiotech.eu

Contact:  Elise Cahard | elise.cahard@anr.fr | 33 (0)1 73 54 82 68; Liz Pons | liz.pons@anr.fr | 33 (0)1 78 09 80 49


FACCE SURPLUS call for joint research projects

The ERA-NET FACCE SURPLUS set up as part of the JPI FACCE project is launching its second call for proposals. The call will be open from 5 January 2017 and will close on 7 March 2017.

The total available budget is 7 million euros. The French National Research Agency will contribute 1 million euros for France.

Click here for the full details of the call for projects.


T2S joint call for proposals

The ERA-NET T2S is a funding programme for international transdisciplinary projects addressing transformations to sustainability. The official launch of the call for proposal is expected to be released in December 2016. The programme is cofunded by funding agencies of the participating countries.

Consult www.norface.net/ and www.belmontforum.org/ for more information. Click here for the pre-announcement.