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Gijon (Spain)

27 - 28 Sep 2018

Food quality

Spanish Congress of Sociology of Food

Organization: University of Oviedo and partners

Updated on 04/05/2018
Published on 03/15/2018
Keywords: FOOD - sociology

Food as a topic of analysis and debate of social sciences and sociology in particular, has already been developed in the national sociology congresses organized by Spanish institutions.
On this occasion, a new approach is sought to the social problems that affect and affect the diet of the future. The aim is to continue with the analysis of the changes that globalization and the modernization of society are generating in the ways of eating, of producing food, in the meanings of food, in food and health policies and in the relationships between agents of the agri-food system.
The conference aims to be an international and interdisciplinary meeting point for researchers and professionals who work on food, as well as for students who are starting out in the field.

With the participation of

  • Anne Lhuissier, Food and Social Sciences Research Unit

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