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FACCE-JPI: Pre-Announcement of Call for Proposals

Pre-announcement of the new FACCE-JPI call for proposals, on bioeconomy.

By Pascale Mollier
Updated on 11/18/2014
Published on 11/17/2014

At the end of 2013, the FACCE JPI (1) launched its first biennial implementation plan, in accordance with its Strategic Research Agenda, adopted in December 2012. This biennial plan gave the main strategic plan for joint actions in 2014 and 2015.

One of the main actions for 2014 is a call for proposals which will be launched in December under the name FACCE SURPLUS (Sustainable and Resilient agriculture for food and non-food systems). This call for proposals is open to INRA researchers and coordinated by Paul Colonna at the level of the Institute. Its total duration is 5 years for projects conducted over three years.

This call for proposals is in the framework of the ERA-NET Cofund scheme, a new type of instrument set up by the European Commission which has the specificity of authorising calls for proposals cofinanced with the European Commission such as FACCE SURPLUS, but also annual transnational calls for proposals.

Pre-announcement of the FACCE-JPI call for proposals

 (1) FACCE-JPI: Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change. Launched by the European Council in October 2010, this initiative is co-directed by INRA and the BBSRC and brings together 21 countries of the European Union or associated countries.

Find out more

Information meeting on FACCE SURPLUS for INRA researchers:

26 January, 14h-17h, INRA, 147, rue de l’Université, 75338, Paris.

Registration: heather.mckhann@paris.inra.fr