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Food System Sustainability. © Cambridge University Press

Food System Sustainability

As western-style food systems extend further around the world, food sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue. Such systems are not sustainable in terms of their consumption of resources, their impact on ecosystems or their effect on health and social inequality. From 2009 to 2011, the duALIne project, led by INRA and CIRAD, assembled a large team of experts to investigate food systems downstream of the farm, from the farm gate to consumption. The main drivers of evolution were identified and the main questions for research selected.

Updated on 08/27/2013
Published on 08/08/2013

Representing a diverse range of backgrounds spanning academia and the public and private sectors, the project aimed to review the international literature and identify major gaps in our knowledge. This book brings together its key conclusions and insights, presenting state-of-the-art research in food sustainability and identifying priority areas for further study. It will provide a valuable resource for researchers, decision-makers and stakeholders in the food industry.


1. Context: new challenges for food systems
2. Consumption and consumers
3. Carbon footprint and nutritional quality of diets in France
4. Food systems
5. Industrial organisation and sustainability
6. Urbanisation and the sustainability of food systems
7. Losses and wastage
8. International trade, price volatility and standards for sustainability
9. Elements for a foresight debate on food sustainability
10. A critical panorama of methods used to assess food sustainability

About the Editors

Catherine Esnouf is the Deputy Scientific Director for Food and Nutrition at INRA. She is also the head of a national research network that promotes research partnerships and industrial innovation on the sensory and nutritional quality of food.

Marie Russel is a scientific project manager at INRA. She uses interdisciplinary approaches involving food sciences and the humanities to investigate agricultural and nutritional issues.

Nicolas Bricas is a researcher at CIRAD who specialises in food security policies and projects. His main areas of research include the effects of urbanisation on food habits in Africa and Asia and the role of small scale food processing in food security and poverty alleviation.

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