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Publication director: Philippe Mauguin

Editorial director: Éric Connehaye

Editors-in-chief:  Nicole Ladet (coordination), Patricia Léveillé (News - General public), Pascale Mollier (News - Scientists, students), Anne Perraut (News - Partners and agribusiness), Nicole Ladet (Institutional pages), Frédéric Feron (Media library), Lise Poulet (Press), Christine Young (English version), Julie Cheriguene (assistant editor-in-chief, Institutional pages and English version), Cécile Poulain (assistant editor-in-chief, News - General public)

Copy editor: Frédérique Chabrol

Editorial assistant: Roselyne Portet

Editors: Valérie Bagieu, Nadine Brault, Brigitte Cauvin, Elsa Champion, Fabienne Giroux, Patricia Le Crenn, Jacques Le Rouzic, Jérémy Zuber

Graphic charter: Véronique Gavalda

Media library, illustrations: Jean-Marie Bossennec, Pascale Inzerillo, Julien Lanson, Christophe Maître, Patricia Perrot, Arnaud Veldeman

Project director: Éric Connehaye

Project managers: Nicole Ladet (operational), Bruno Wauthier-Wurmser (technical)

Project team: Jean-Marie Bossennec, Julie Cheriguene, Frédéric Feron, Véronique Gavalda, Fabienne Giroux,  Julien Lanson, Patricia Léveillé, Anne Perraut, Lise Poulet with support from Nathalie Gomes, Jehanne Mauxion

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