11 Dec 2018
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Precision livestock farming at the service of animal welfare

Precision tools are of increasing importance on livestock farms, usually to improve production efficiency. Several of them were discussed during the INRA-IRSTEA symposium held during the Clermont-Ferrand Livestock Summit in 2018. Numerous systems utilise the activity of animals to detect those which are sick or in heat. But information on activity is still under-used to evaluate animal behaviour and wellbeing, even though behaviour is generally a good reflection of how an animal is feeling in terms of its good or poor condition.

26 Nov 2018
Alba white truffle. © INRA, MURAT-FURMINIEUX Claude

Truffle genomes unlock secret of how its aromas are made

An international consortium coordinated by INRA and including the Joint Genome Institute (JGI), the CEA-Genoscope, the University of Turin, Université de Lorraine and the CNRS has sequenced the genomes of several prized species of truffle, including the Alba white truffle, the summer or Burgundy truffle and the desert truffle. This breakthrough provides new insight: not only into the ecologically important role of tree/fungi symbiosis, but most importantly into the mechanisms involved in truffle growth and the creation of their famous odours.

09 Nov 2018

Plant genome editing: INRA defines its strategy

Plant genome editing is a technology that attracts much social and regulatory debate: INRA has defined a strategy for the use of these new techniques to acquire new knowledge and in plant breeding. The principles underlying this strategy are in line with the Institute’s values and with its ambition to contribute to environmental, social and economic progress. INRA developed its strategy based on the recommendations of an opinion issued by the INRA-CIRAD-IFREMER Joint Consultative Ethics Committee in the spring of 2018, along with the opinion of its Scientific Advisory Board, issued last September.

  • Biofilm mixte de Lactococcus lactis (coques jaunes) et de Listeria monocytogenes (bâtonnets roses), observé en microscopie électronique à balayage.. © inra, Thierry MEYLHEUC
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  • Ciel d'orage en Eure et Loir.. © INRA, WEBER Jean
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  • Céréales et tournesols fleuris sur fond de ciel.. © INRA, BEGUEY Alain