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  24 March 2016  
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  Disability policy: the 2016 recruitment campaign is open 

For the third year in a row, INRA has exceeded the legal employment rate of persons with disabilities set by the French government at 6%. In 2015, the rate at INRA reached 7.2%. Each year, certain positions are exempted from competitive entry and reserved for candidates with disabilities by means of contractual recruitment for one year, in the view of tenure.

Currently, INRA is opening positions for research scientists and research engineers on the basis of a project. To apply, the candidates must fill in an application file. Applications are open until 25 April 2016 > Apply, find out more

INRA is recruiting

Current offers and opportunities at INRA.

INRA campaign to recruit researchers and engineers with disabilities. © INRA
INRA is recruiting research scientists and engineers with disabilities

INRA is looking to hire individuals with disabilities to work as junior and experienced research scientists and engineers. Recruitment is project based.  Applications were accepted until April 25, 2016. You can no longer apply.

Agreenskills. © inra, W. Beaucardet
AgreenSkills and AgreenSkills+ mobility programmes: encouraging international careers

The AgreenSkills and AgreenSkills+ programmes, coordinated by INRA, promote the international mobility of young and experienced researchers through incoming and outgoing fellowships. In all disciplinary fields and regardless of nationality, they offer attractive hosting and recruitment conditions. The final call for applications was open until 8 February 2018.

Staff working in a research © BEAUCARDET William
International mobility

Each year, INRA welcomes more than 1500 foreign researchers and students in its research units. Offers are put online regularly on the website Besides, the new website "PhD in France" gathers offers open to English-speaking foreign students.

Careers and talents

The people at INRA work in over 50 scientific disciplines and 70 different professions. They seek answers to the major concerns of the 21st century: providing healthy, high-quality food sources and ensuring competitive, sustainable agriculture while preserving the environment.

Julien Lang, researcher at the Paris-Saclay Institute of Plant Sciences (CNRS – INRA – Université d’Evry – Université Paris Diderot – Université Paris Sud) in Gif-sur-Yvette. © INRA
Stronger plants against stress

Researcher Julien Lang joined the Institute of Plant Sciences, Paris-Saclay (1) in Gif-sur-Yvette in 2015. He studies ways to improve plant resistance to stress and attacks.

Growth chamber at the Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin, Versailles-Grignon Research Centre. © INRA, BEAUCARDET  William
Report - The future of research is bright!

INRA is celebrating 70 years of research and innovation at the service of society. The 2016 International Agricultural Show which was held in Paris from 27 February to 6 March provided the opportunity to meet the men and women who work at INRA. The Show was a privileged opportunity for the Institute to meet with the public, partners, professionals and the media, and present an overview of its major discoveries and scientific breakthroughs.

   1 - Laurent Debrauwer, inventing tomorrow
   2 - The science of listening to animals
   3 - The key to fighting climate change is under our feet
   4 - Hélène Bergès, a resourceful woman
   5 - Nutrition: the key to good health
Agreenium-IAVFF International Research School: 45 doctoral candidates chosen for the 5th class. © William Beaucardet
Agreenium-IAVFF International Research School: 45 doctoral candidates selected for the 5th class

The Agreenium-IAVFF International Research School (EIR-A) offers a PhD programme of excellence and aims to improve the job prospects of doctoral students by raising their awareness of the major challenges facing society at the international level. This year, 45 doctoral candidates have been chosen for the 2015/2016 class.

30 May - 03 Jun 2016
ARIMNet: Young Researchers Seminar
Montpellier (France)
19-25 Jun 2016
Summer School: Modelling environmental resilience
Paris (France)

Research News
The public is informed by INRA scientists, engineers and technicians on the INRA stand at the 2016 International Agricultural Show. © INRA, MAITRE Christophe
In 2016, INRA will celebrate 70 years. A story worth discovering!

On 18 May 2016, INRA will celebrate its 70th birthday! This red-letter year kicked off at the International Agricultural Show with a Retrospective and the publication of Agromots, a book presenting 70 key notions for understanding food, agriculture and the environment. Visit our dedicated website for an overview of the momentous moments that have marked the history of the Institute: dates, events, scientific breakthroughs, important figures, etc. Events will be organised in each INRA centre throughout the year to mark the occasion.

Sheep tick (Ixodes ricinus). © INRA, CHAUBET Bernard
Ticks vector multiple pathogens

A recent study has shown that a large number of ticks are simultaneously infected with two or more pathogens. This study raises important new questions: can these pathogens also be co-transmitted to animals, including humans, and what are the consequences for human and animal health?

Un agneau de quelques jours ne quitte quasiment jamais sa mère au pâturage, notamment pour les très nombreuses phases de tétée (Vaucluse).. © INRA, MEURET Michel
Agricultural fertiliser could pose risk to human fertility, sheep study finds

Eating meat from animals grazed on land treated with commonly-used agricultural fertilisers might have serious implications for pregnant women and the future reproductive health of their unborn children, according to a new study involving sheep

Marine algae to reduce the use of antibiotics in farming

Obesity: an epigenetic track to fight against weight gain and hypercholesterolemia 

The intestinal microbiota: a new ally for optimum growth

Liver metabolic disease: a key factor identified Scientists at INRA
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