14 Sep 2015
14 Sep 2015
10 Aug 2015
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The iron found in red meat plays a crucial role in colon cancer risk

At the international scale, a clear link has now been established between dietary habits and the risk of developing colon cancer. Epidemiological data suggest that 15% of colon cancer cases can be attributed to the excessive consumption of red and processed meat. To better understand and thus prevent this cancer type, INRA researchers collaborated with scientists from the National Veterinary School of Toulouse and the University of Reading in England to explore the mechanisms underlying this relationship.

  • Biofilm mixte de Lactococcus lactis (coques jaunes) et de Listeria monocytogenes (bâtonnets roses), observé en microscopie électronique à balayage.. © inra, Thierry MEYLHEUC
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  • Ciel d'orage en Eure et Loir.. © INRA, WEBER Jean
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