• Improving the nutritional quality of breakfast cereals

    The nutritional quality of two of the eight categories of breakfast cereals studied has improved, as they now contain less sodium and sugar.

  • Tomato cuticle, a potential  source of surfactant molecules

    Tomato skin - or cuticle -  is a biopolymer that has attracted the interest of INRA research teams.  After investigating the polymerisation of this biocomposite, the team focused on the functionalisation of cutin monomers for applications in green chemistry. 

  • A combination of natural ingredients to combat osteoporosis

    Although the principal nutritional strategy used to prevent osteoporosis is currently based on calcium and vitamin D supplementation, new options are being explored by research scientists in the Joint Research Unit for Human Nutrition.  A patented mixture based on DHA and fisetin has thus demonstrated its efficacy in activating bone formation and inhibiting its resorption.

  • A new vaccine platform to protect against West Nile Virus

    Research scientists  in the Molecular Virology and Immunology Unit have developed a recombinant virus that procures partial protection against West Nile Virus in mice.  This recombinant virus has proved to be a particularly interesting vector platform for the development of vaccines that can be used in animals and humans.

  • The coolbox: a greenhouse cooling system that uses recycled water

    320m² of greenhouses on the 4700m² estate of Domaine de Saint Maurice in Avignon (PACA), are cooled by spraying water onto thick pads of wood shavings through which air is pumped.  This system, called the coolbox, has been developed by the GAFL in the context of efforts to optimise existing resources.

  • Using Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to assess the sustainability of fish farms

    Fish farming is seeing major growth throughout the world. To enable its long-term development, it must be able to assess and control its environmental impacts.  INRA researchers have shown that the LCA method can be used to measure the local and global impacts of fish farming systems and to propose options for changes in practices.

20 Aug 2014
Série temporelle d’images MODIS 2000-2012 (résolution spatiale : 231 m ; résolution temporelle : 1 image de synthèse NDVI tous les 16 jours). © @INRA, Véronique Chéret

Satellites to monitor the health of forests

Researchers from the Joint Research Unit for Forest Dynamics in Rural Environments (DYNAFOR), the National Centre for Forest Owners (CNPF) and the Institute for Forest Development (IDF) have monitored the dynamics of the decline of silver fir in the Pyrenees region, based on satellite images.

05 Aug 2014
Spring protein pea flowers (RESPECT). © INRA, WEBER Jean

A major innovation in the field of dairy and pea proteins

A functional ingredient with particularly interesting textural, viscosity and solubility properties has been developed by assembling pea proteins and dairy proteins

24 Sep 2014
Visuel Horizon 2020. © Commision Européenne, Commision Européenne

The reasons why firms participate in European research projects

European firms that participate in European research projects seek to acquire new knowledge

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