• Sustainable logistics: a new challenge for the Burgundy wine-growing sector

    Sustainable logistics is becoming one of the major challenges faced by the Burgundy wine-growing sector, where half of all production is exported.  Although larger companies are generally better prepared than smaller ones to meet this challenge, some SME are able to do so thanks to the introduction of technical and organisational innovations.

  • Innovative methods and tools to characterise and monitor energy resources in French forests

    Between 2010 and 2014, the six partners in the FORESEE research project worked to estimate forest resources and how they could be exploited, from the scale of the plot to that of the forest.  New decision support tools were developed for the projected and operational management of energy wood resources. 

  • eMouveRecherche, an Android application to monitor daily physical activity

    Scientists in the Joint Research Unit for Human Nutrition and their partners have developed an Android application which, on an everyday basis, can estimate the energy expenditure and time spent in four levels of activity: immobile (motionless), light-, moderate- and vigorous- intensity.

  • BioEnTech: the optimisation of methanisation processes.

    BioEnTech is a company that develops and markets software solutions for the online monitoring of methanisation plants, thanks to technologies developed by the Laboratory for Environmental Biotechnology (LBE).

13 Mar 2015
L’ aquaponie  ou l’art de conjuguer pisciculture, productions végétales et respect de l’environnement. © @INRA, Laurent Labbé

The APIVA project: Aquaponics, Plant Innovation and Aquaculture

Aquaponics, or the art of combining fish farming, plant production and respect for the environment.

23 Apr 2015
local market. © INRA

"Ici.C.Local", an organisational and social innovation for sustainable food systems

This work has revealed the mechanisms underlying social innovation and has studied how and under which conditions short distribution channels can favour more sustainable food systems.

01 Apr 2015
Thermal imaging of poultry. © INRA, Anne Collin

Improving the resistance of broiler chickens to high temperatures

Cyclic thermal treatments applied to eggs endow broiler chickens with greater resistance to thermal stress

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