• IVAMEME: a research project on methanogenesis in ruminants

    IVAMEME aims to identify and validate markers of methanogenesis in ruminants in order to develop new strategies to control greenhouse gases in livestock units.  This project has been constructed jointly by partners in the GES Consortium, which include both private sector operators and research scientists from INRA.

  • Optimised evaluation of the shelf-life of bakery products

    A mathematical model has been developed to improve estimates of the Best Before Date (BBD) for bakery products in terms of the risk of spoilage by moulds.  This upgradeable model has the advantage of being able to integrate new factors; for example, a change in product formulation.

  • Integrating ecosystem services and biodiversity in a company's strategy

    Starting from the traditional view that the environment is considered solely as a constraint, companies are now gradually becoming aware of their interdependencies with their ecosystems.  They are imagining new strategies based on the mobilisation and/or development of new ecosystem services

  • Soilinsight®, visualising the dynamics of soil bio-functioning

    INRA's Joint Research Unit for Soils and the Environment (LSE) in Nancy has developed a soil observation system, Soilinsight® that is based on the automatic acquisition of high-resolution images which, under controlled conditions, can continuously visualise the functioning of soils and quantify parameters that are indicative of certain processes.

22 May 2015
Différents épis de maïs montrant la diversité génétique du genre zea.. © @INRA, CHATIN J. / GENOPLANTE

An overview of the global seed industry, and notably the GM seed sector

This article takes stock of the GM seed sector throughout the world: its importance to the entire seed industry, its structure, economic weight, stakeholders and prices.

03 Jun 2015
Gros plan sur des tomates en grappe.. © @INRA, NICOLAS Bertrand

FunPlast: the production of functionalised bioplastics with novel properties

Production of biodegradable bioplastics using organic agricultural wastes

15 Jun 2015
quality of chicken meat. Schnitzel: morphological homogeneity.. © @INRA, BOSSENNEC Jean-Marie

Pre-slaughter nutritional strategies to improve the technological quality of standard broiler meat.

Modifying broiler feed a few days prior to slaughter can obtain a meat that is better adapted to industrial processing.

  • Biofilm mixte de Lactococcus lactis (coques jaunes) et de Listeria monocytogenes (bâtonnets roses), observé en microscopie électronique à balayage.. © inra, Thierry MEYLHEUC
  • Supermarché. © MAITRE Christophe
  • Ciel d'orage en Eure et Loir.. © @INRA, WEBER Jean
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