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Inhibitor of plant branching

Synthesis of a new strigolactone analog for plant branching control.

strigolactone structure. © INRA, François-Didier Boyer
Updated on 01/05/2017
Published on 11/22/2016

Invention description

A new strigolactone analog has been synthesized for plant branching control. This analog (AR36) is very stable compared to natural strigolactones (plant hormones), easier to synthesize and efficient at low concentrations to prevent branching.
AR36 used in a slow release soluble tablet has shown a significant effect of branching inhibition in Pea, while stimulating main stem growth. An effect on plant architecture development in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana has also been demonstrated.


Scope: plant protection product
Product-specificity: preventing branching, enhancing main stem growth in order to optimize and stabilize yields.

Intellectual Property

Patents family filed by INRA
Priority date: May 24th, 2012
French patent application (FR1254700), extended in Europe (European patent application published) and in the US through a PCT procedure (PCT/EP2013/060624)


INRA Transfert is looking for partners interested in evaluating efficiency of this compound and/or developing and commercializing a product under a license agreement or an option to license with R&D programme.

Technology Transfer Officer:
Claire Nodet (+33 (0)1 42 75 93 44)

Find out more

Papers published in Nature Chemical Biology of October 2016 and Molecular Plant of April 2014

  • Boyer F-D, A de Saint Germain, J-B Pouvreau, G Clavé, J-P Pillot, A Roux, A Rasmussen, S Depuydt, D Lauressergues, N Frei dit Frey, TSA Heugebaert, CV Stevens, D Geelen, S Goormachtig and C Rameau. 2014. New Strigolactone Analogs as Plant Hormones with Low Activities in the Rhizosphere. Molecular Plant 7: 675-690.
  • De Saint Germain A, G Clave, M-A Badet-Denisot, J-P Pillot, D Cornu, J-P Le Caer, M Burger, F Pelissier, P Retailleau, C Turnbull, S Bonhomme, J Chory, C Rameau and F-D Boyer. 2016. An histidine covalent receptor and butenolide complex mediates strigolactone perception. Nat Chem Biol 12: 787-794.