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3BCAR: a partnership arrangement at the heart of the bioeconomy strategy for France.

3BCAR Carnot Institute facilitates the access of companies to research skills in order to support a sustainable bioeconomy emergence, within the context of bioeconomy strategy for France.

. © INRA
By Alexandre Brosse
Updated on 04/03/2017
Published on 01/25/2017

A bioeconomy strategy for France

Stéphane Le Foll presented to the Council of Ministers in January 18th, 2017 the bioeconomy strategy for France. He particularly underlined "the importance to put back the economy of the photosynthesis and more widely of the alive at the heart of our economy".
This strategy fits with the conceptual framework of European bioeconomy. Agroecology, supported by the Minister of Agriculture, will bring innovative systems to the crossing of ecology science and agronomy. These foundations will allow the development of a green chemistry of renewable carbon. The consequence is the place to be given to territories: they would have to evolve toward an important diversity while the only economic optimization up till now drove to a reduction of the diversity and an increase of the size of transformation units by economy of scale. Within these territories, the articulation between biomass production and transformation activities represents an opportunity for agroindustrial ecology. Technological leverage, such as green and white biotechnologies, appears crucial for developing new products, with a necessary multicriteria evaluation of the social, economic and environmental performances. The establishment of points of balance between bioeconomy development and biodiversity conservation which proposes agroecology falls under a sustainable perspective.

3BCAR Carnot Institute: Leverage to mobilize the scientific excellence of French research for bioeconomy development

One of the important assets for sustainable bioeconomy development is based on excellence of national scientific research capacities and their mobilization for the development of innovative technologies and markets.
3BCAR Carnot Institute has a network of 18 research entities around shared questions of biomass valorization for applications in bioenergies, biobased molecules and materials.
Built with multidisciplinary skills, 3BCAR becomes perfectly integrated into the national bioeconomy strategy by handling questions of research on the whole value chain from biomass to the bioproducts: How can biomass be mobilized better and how can a sustainable production be managed by adapting biomass? How can biomass be transformed efficiently to develop a competitive bioeconomy? What are the new functional properties that can offer products from the biomass? What are the environmental impacts of the bioeconomy?
3BCAR represents an access point to the skills of more than 500 scientists. Companies have a single designated contact, who supports them in the identification of their innovation needs or technological barriers, and who mobilizes appropriate researchers to bring a global answer to the company. This organization with a single contact for contractualization is part of the 3BCAR quality system certified ISO 9001.
3BCAR Carnot Institute participates in the preparation of a symposium "Bioeconomy" associating the INRA and the IRSTEA, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. This event will be held in Paris on June 28th and 29th, 2017. It has received the support of European Commission.

3BCAR Carnot Institute :
Alexandre Brosse (33(0)1 42 75 93 82)