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Qualiment®: R&D solutions at the service of food innovations

The Qualiment® Carnot Institute can offer companies in the agrifood sector solutions to overcome scientific and technical barriers to innovation with respect to the sensory and nutritional quality of foods, their processes and structure.

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Updated on 11/24/2016
Published on 09/29/2016

Boosted by the successes achieved during its first accreditation, Qualiment® was once again accredited as a Carnot Institute in July 2016 but with a broader scope, after an initial five-year period during which it had demonstrated sustained partnership research activities (an average of 125 contracts per year with 90 different companies).

Research in partnership to study the nutritional and sensory qualities of foods

Qualiment® currently groups eleven research units, a centre for research in human nutrition and two technical centres, spread between nine geographical sites and thus ensuring good coverage of French territory.

These Qualiment® units are supported by twelve technology, clinical, industrial transfer and animal study platforms which, working in a network, can provide a full range of targeted and easily accessible services for companies, notably small and medium-sized firms (SME).

Qualiment® can offer integrated partnership research to study the nutritional and sensory qualities of foods, targeting the agrifood sector, equipment manufacturers and ingredient suppliers.  These services are positioned on the TRL scale* from 1 to 6, focused on the following priority areas:

  • Functional foods. The reformulation of foods to ensure their nutritional and sensory qualities, the orientation of consumers towards healthy diets, and the development of foods for specific populations from both the nutritional and sensory points of view;
  • Proteins, ferments and probiotics. Diversification of protein sources to ensure a healthy and sustainable diet, the microbiota, probiotics, and ferments of interest for foods and health;
  • Quality, safety, sustainability. Modelling and development of process management tools, ecodesign;
  • Digital sciences. The contribution of the digital sciences to the on-line control of processes and interfaces with consumers.

Innovations for the agrifood sector, ingredient suppliers and equipment manufacturers

Qualiment® targets the agrifood sector, where innovations are sustained by sophisticated consumption modes and demands for products that are good for health and well-being, covering areas such as functional foods, the health safety and quality of foods, sustainable development and improvements in yield or productivity.

Qualiment® can provide responses to the challenges posed by the digital sciences for traditional companies, whether in the form of information tools, data sharing and analysis or a means of security (traceability, labelling).

Thanks to the integration of new research units, Qualiment® will be developing its partnerships with companies in the highly innovative ingredients sector. Qualiment® will also be reinforcing its efforts to propose solutions for equipment manufacturers who are seeking economical processes, in order to support companies with their environmental and ecodesign approaches.

Finally, Qualiment® has adopted a clear position regarding the development of its partnerships with SME, either through geographical proximity thanks to its broad coverage of France, the integration of new technical centres that can offer access to numerous technology platforms, or by enriching its skills in sectoral units (milk, eggs, cheese, fruits and vegetables).
*TRL Technology readiness level, a scale to evaluate the degree of readiness achieved by a technology.

Website: www.qualiment.fr

Catherine Esnouf, Director, Stéphanie Mercier, Deputy Director, Pauline Souvignier, responsible business

A word from a new partner

The Technical Centre for the Preservation of Agricultural Products (CTCPA) is delighted to join the Qualiment network, accredited as a Carnot Institute, and thus benefit from this quality label that emphasises the professionalism and quality of partnership research by its members. The broadening to new partners of the ISO 9001 certification already acquired by Qualiment will provide additional proof of quality to companies which are partners in the CTCPA. The integration of the CTCPA in a network that mainly comprises actors in academic research will allow our Institute to draw strength from them in order to look to the future for the emergence of breakthrough innovations. On its side, the CTCPA can provide Qualiment with its technical expertise and knowledge of the issues faced by SME in the agrifood sector.
Strengthening the links between academic partners and technical centres is a fundamental advantage for Qualiment, ensuring that it can offer well-structured and wide-ranging R&D to different companies.

Christian Divin, Director of the Technical Centre for the Preservation of Agricultural Products.

A word from the Director

“Broadening the scope of the Qualiment Carnot Institute gives greater importance to themes already existing in the research strategy and will allow us to develop two new areas focused on probiotics and the the digital sciences, which correspond to markets that are seeing major growth and from which our research structures are seeing growing demand.
Facilitating access for SME is a major challenge of this new accreditation, and for this purpose we wanted to integrate new advanced schools and technical centres, as well as sectoral units. The R&D support provided by Qualiment is thus positioned as much on collaborations around validating proof of concept as the construction of prototypes at a semi-industrial scale so that we can propose transversal services to ensure healthy and sustainable foods.”

Catherine Esnouf, Director of the Qualiment Carnot Institute