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Cutting-edge genomics at the service of industry

A business unit based in a Genomics and Transcriptomics The GeT-PlaGe Genomics and Transcriptomics Platform has set up a business unit to facilitate specific responses to the needs of industrial actors relative to genomics.  Managing all processes for the provision of services, the extraction of nucleic acids for bioinformatics and bio-statistical analyses, it can provide a full service that will respond to the demands of companies in the environment, agriculture, animal, health, pharmaceuticals/cosmetics, biotechnologies and the agri-food industries.

GeT-PlaGe-Flowcell-HiSeq 2017
Updated on 06/29/2017
Published on 04/26/2017

Created in 2001, the Genomics and Transcriptomics Platform GeT-PlaGe is based at the INRA site in Auzeville (Toulouse). It is one of the most efficient and dynamic platforms in its sector, and has received an IBiSA label and central certification by the France Génomique network.  Cécile Donnadieu, its director, heads a team of 25 who can propose cutting-edge tools for transcriptomic sequencing and analysis which can implement most genomic and meta-omic applications. GeT-PlaGe is managed within the framework of a rigorous quality system: the platform is ISO9001:2015-certified in the field of "Expertise and availability of a genomics technology platform" and also complies with NFX 50-900, a new standard that specifically includes requirements relative to research technology platforms. Get-PlaGe assures technology and scientific watch and can offer cutting-edge tools and technological developments to its users.

Get-PlaGe for public or private sector partnerships

Get-PlaGe is equipped with generic tools to cover all research themes and offer a broad range of applications: genotyping, gene expression analysis and the sequencing of complex genomes, etc.
The platform is open to all public and private structures, and can offer several levels of support:

  • Scientific partnerships;
  • Collaborations for the conduct of technological or methodological development programmes;
  • the conduct of routine genomics projects;
  • Training and support for users in the conduct of their projects.

Get-IT to serve the specific needs of industry

To respond to growing demand from private companies, a year ago the GeT-PlaGe platform set up a business unit called GeT-IT. The Unit's catalogue contains details of the services it can provide to companies regarding production applications. These services notably include all stages in the process, from the collection of samples to biostatistical analysis of the results.

GeT-IT can offer its customers:

  • expertise and strategies for sequencing adapted to the issues and dimensions of specific projects;
  • the interpretation and presentation of metadata accessible to all levels of skills in genomics;
  • easy-to-use databases;
  • synthetic figures and biostatistical analyses. 

Click on the link to obtain the GeT-IT brochure and to see the catalogue of services proposed and their tariffs.


Website: http://get.genotoul.fr/en/