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Oenology experimental unit

The Pech Pouge experimental unit is the only INRA structure for experimentation and transfer in oenological research. This platform is dedicated to experimentation, validation and the pre-development of research results

Updated on 09/26/2013
Published on 08/11/2008


  • devising and organizing innovative researches together with the joint research unit “Sciences for oenology”, a partnership on common scientific priorities between INRA, the Agronomy School of Montpellier and the University of Montpellier.
  • supporting, for specific applications in oenology, the activity of other INRA units specialized in process engineering.
  • organizing and developing experimentations with various professional partners (equipments manufacturers, wine makers, public or professional organizations); this activity is facilitated by the presence at Pech Rouge of a team of the Technical Institute for Viticulture and Oenology (ITV).
  • transferring and disseminating the most pertinent innovations through facilitated information exchanges with development structures, industrial partners, and through the participation to students training


  • Ecophysiology of vine, and viticulture for a better control of the quality of harvested grapesOenology for : a better expression of the qualitative potentiality of grape, through the applications of innovative technologies the on line monitoring and control of fermentation
  • Reduction of the environmental impacts of wine making and the valorization of by-products
  • Diversification of products


The permanent staff includes 7 engineers and more than 20 technicians. The 50 ha of wine yard, is half located in the AOC Corbières area, and planted with 50 different vine cultivars.
4000m2 of technology halls associated to an analytical laboratory for grapes, musts and wines (physico-chemical and microbiological analysis, dissolved gases …) are dedicated to:
The monitoring and control of alcoholic fermentation: 14 fermentors (1hl) with controlled temperature and on line recording of kinetic parameters, the cold storage of pasteurized musts allowing experiments all long the year
The application of membrane technologies: 3 pilot plants for cross flow filtration (mineral and organic membranes), pilot plants for electro dialysis, reverses osmosis and bipolar membranes.
The extraction of grapes components: instant expansion under vacuum, vacuum refining, wine presses, 4000 hl of tanks allowing the control of temperature, steeping, ageing of wines.
The application of fractionation technologies (other than membranes): 2 columns for fractional distillation under vacuum with microwaves heating, vacuum evaporator with fractional condensation, lyophylisation, ion exchange and adsorption chromatography, vacuum rotative filter, continuous centrifuge.
The stabilizing of products: plates pasteurizator, autoclave, electrical steam generator, gas injector.



Jean Louis Escudier,
UE Pech Rouge,
11430 Gruissan
Tel +33 (0)4 68 49 44 00