02 Apr 2014
03 Apr 2014
Botanical conservatory and garden of Geneva © Bruno Chauvel

Which came first: herbicides or herbicide resistance? Recent findings suggest the latter

Recent analysis of herbarium specimen collections, some over 200 years old, suggests that the risk of herbicide resistance may be greater than previously thought: now more than ever, the necessity to diversify weed control practices has come to the fore. The findings, obtained by INRA researchers in Dijon’s Agroecology Research Unit, were published in the October 2013 issue of the scientific journal Plos One.

06 Feb 2014
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Open access publishing is the future!

Free access to scientific publications on the internet makes widespread and equal sharing of knowledge possible. At the same time, however, it subverts economic rules in traditional publishing, whereby the reader pays a subscription to read the articles in a journal. Several models have emerged to divide publication costs among publishers, authors and readers in other ways.