• INRA campaign to recruit researchers and engineers with disabilities

    INRA is looking to hire individuals with disabilities to work as junior and experienced research scientists and engineers.  Applications will be accepted until June 5, 2015.

  • Indo-French Workshop on Scientific Cooperation for Agricultural Research, 9th March, New Delhi

    The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), supported by the Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research (CEFIPRA), inaugurated their first workshop on collaborative scientific cooperation in the field of agricultural research at the National Agricultural Science Centre Complex, New Delhi on 9th March 2015.

  • INRA-CIRAD: a long tradition of collaboration

    On Friday, 6 February 2015, Michel Eddi, CIRAD President, and François Houllier, INRA President, signed an agreement to establish a joint international relations unit. The two spoke about their long history of working together and outlined the new unit’s international aims.

  • Symposium at the Salon International de l'Agriculture 2015: soils

    The 68th United Nations General Assembly declared 2015 as the International Year of Soils.  INRA thus devoted its symposium at the Salon International de l’Agriculture to "Soils: their services and uses".

    The symposium was broadcast via direct video streaming and a live debate on this web page and via @Inra_France and @Inra_Intl with the hashtag #IYS2015.

  • Sounding the alert: forests face the threat of climate change

    International experts have issued a joint declaration to raise public awareness about the possible widespread forest tree deaths due to climate change and the resulting social and ecological implications.

  • How synthetic biology could benefit from the social sciences

    Create life? To what end? Is such a goal possible or even desirable? This report details studies being carried out by INRA social scientists that deal with synthetic biology; their research is raising important questions.

18 Mar 2015
3rd Global Science Conference on Climate-Smart Agriculture. Montpellier, 16-18 March 2015. © INRA

Towards COP21: scientists promote Climate-Smart Agriculture to tackle climate change

Climate-Smart Agriculture offers the opportunity to design best options to tackle food security as well as to reach a resilient agriculture that also contributes to mitigating climate change.

27 Mar 2015
Querina (R) florina, apple variety resistant to apple scab © LE LEZEC Marcel

Novel mechanisms for more sustainable resistance to disease

This report focuses on the different mechanisms identified to prevent or delay pathogens from circumventing varietal resistance in certain crops (apple, rapeseed, grapevine, other fruit and vegetable crops).

10 Feb 2015
Arabidopsis thaliana flowers from the INRA-Versailles collection of insertion lines. These lines are transformed by a genetic construction which features a marker gene (GUS) without promoters. When the insertion is made after the plant promoter develops, the expression of the GUS gene appears in blue, visible in this photo in the flower’s vessels © BOUCHEZ David

Understanding the mechanism behind dominant and recessive gene expression

Why are some genes dominant while others are recessive? After nearly a century of investigation, hypotheses and experiments, we finally understand the inner workings of this fundamental biological phenomenon.

Video interview
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