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Meetings and symposium at SIA2015 © © kasto - Fotolia

Meetings and symposium at SIA 2015

By Pascale Mollier, translated by Vicky Hawken
Updated on 03/04/2015
Published on 02/11/2015

To mark the Salon International de l'Agriculture 2015, INRA is organising eight meetings for its partners, focused on the topics addressed by its metaprogrammes.  
In this International Year of Soils, the subject of the symposium on 24 February is: "Soils: their services and uses".
Finally, the general theme of INRA's stand this year is "Climate change: understanding it, adapting to it and innovating".

So to mark the 52nd Salon International de l’Agriculture, INRA presents:


Eight meetings organised for its partners, which in 2015 focus on the priority themes addressed by INRA's metaprogrammes (1).

  • Transitions to Global Food Security, GloFoodS
  • Meta-omics of Microbial Ecosystems, MEM
  • Integrated Management of Animal Health, GISA
  • Ecosystem Services, EcoServ
  • Sustainable Management of Crop Health, SMaCH
  • Genomic Selection in Animals and Plants, SelGen
  • Diet Impact and Determinants, Interactions and Transitions, DID'IT
  • Adaptation of Agriculture and Forests to Climate Change, ACCAF

(1) Metaprogrammes are research instruments used by INRA to promote an integrated approach to scientific issues.  They are coordinated by Division Heads who can federate and manage research projects between several INRA Divisions, thus favouring cross-disciplinary efforts.  The launch of a metaprogramme is generally accompanied by a call for proposals from interested research teams.  The tools used for coordination may then be of several types: calls for exploratory research projects, the initiation of networks, the organisation of international seminars, doctoral or post-doctoral grants, etc.

The symposium

In this International Year of Soils, the symposium on 24 February takes as its subject: "Soils: their services and uses".

Employment conference

Conference organised on 27 February by the Human Resources Directorate.

On the stand

Research on: "Climate change: understanding it, adapting to it and innovating".
This ambitious theme, which is addressed by a large proportion of the Institute's research resources, will be illustrated on the stand for the general public by concrete results presented by teams from INRA research centres throughout France: for example, the adaptation of vineyards and wine-making, thermoregulation in dairy cows, a tower to measure greenhouse gas emissions in forests, etc.